Cooking for a Cause

Cooking for a Cause

Leket Israel is delighted to partner with June Hersh on her new digital cookbook Cooking for a Cause, a collaboration between over 70 chefs, food bloggers and influencers who came together to show their strong support of Israel and Leket Israel during this difficult time.

By purchasing this digital cookbook, you will not only be supporting Leket Israel’s routine food rescue operations, distributing fresh, nutritious, surplus food to over 330,000 people in need each week, but you will also be part of Leket’s emergency relief campaign, providing much needed assistance to displaced Israelis throughout the country as well as to the Israeli farming community who has been significantly impacted by the ongoing war.

$36 = 29 meals for Israelis in need


About June Hersh – Eat Well-Do Good

June Hersh’s mantra is Eat Well-Do Good, and to that end, she writes books with a charitable flavor. Her first was the best-selling, Recipes Remembered, a Celebration of Survival written to benefit the Museum of Jewish Heritage – a Living memorial to the Holocaust.  The book is a collection of stories and recipes from June’s interviews with over 120 Holocaust survivors. It has sold over 20,000 copies, all her proceeds going to the Museum and other Holocaust-related charities. The book was re-released in November 2023 under the title Food, Hope & Resilience: Authentic Recipes and Remarkable Stories from Holocaust Survivors, its proceeds benefit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Rescued Recipes initiative.

June has also authored The Kosher Carnivore, Still Here, Inspiration from Survivors and Liberators of the Holocaust, Yoghurt a Global History, and Iconic New York Jewish Food a History and Guide with Recipes. June is a contributor to food blogs, and magazines and has appeared on radio and TV. She conducts talks across the country sharing the importance of preserving Jewish food memory. You can follow her on Facebook/Instagram @junehersh, email her at [email protected], and visit her website at



Visiting Israel? Come volunteer with Leket Israel! 

Leket Israel welcomes visitors to come and volunteer at any of its locations around the country and all volunteer activities are available year-round:

Gleaning in the Fields
Harvest agricultural produce for distribution to Leket’s nonprofits partners throughout the country. A fun and unique experience for all. Connect with the land whilst rescuing food to be provided to those in need. This is a social activity for families and groups.

Sorting and packaging of rescued produce
Sort and pack produce at the Leket Israel Logistics Center which will be delivered to Leket Israel’s nonprofit partners throughout the country. This activity provides a fascinating glimpse into the heart of Leket Israel’s operations.

For more information and booking contact: [email protected]